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On this page, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority makes available its archived registers dealing with electronic signatures and related services, valid until June 30, 2016.
The new registers dealing with „Trusted services” is available from July 1, 2016.

How to use these registers:

If you need a certificate for electronic signing, or you would like to use time-stamping or electronic archival services, you can find the list of services and service providers registered in Hungary under the categories “Non qualified services” and ‘Qualified services”. If you would like to use qualified signatures, qualified time-stamping or you need a qualified electronic archival service for the preservation of your electronic documents, please use the menu item “Qualified services” on the left, otherwise you can find a suitable service provider under either category.

The following registers are available about the services connected to electronic signatures:
  1. Electronic signature certification service (CSP service): The service provider issues a signing certificate to the subscriber. This certificate can be used to validate the electronic signature on electronic documents signed by the subscriber. The service provider also has the duty to suspend or revoke the certificate upon the request of the subscriber or the signatory, thus preventing the misuse of signature-creation devices that have been lost, stolen or have fallen into the hands of an unauthorised person in some other way.
  2. Time-stamping service: Upon request from the subscriber, the service provider attaches the time from its trusted time source to the document indicated by the subscriber in the form of a time-stamp. This can be used to prove that a certain document has already existed at the date and time indicated in the time-stamp, and that it has not changed since then.
  3. Placement of signature-creation data on a signature-creation device: The service provider places the signature-creation data (private key) of the subscriber on a hardware-based signature-creation device in a secure way.
  4. Electronic archival service: The service provider undertakes to preserve electronic documents (or data generated from, and uniquely representing these documents) which have been submitted by the subscriber in a trustworthy way. The documents must be signed at least with an advanced electronic signature. The service provider also undertakes to issue acknowledgements about the data that it has in its custody if the subscriber requests this. The service provider may also undertake that it will ensure that the documents remain readable during the preservation period by appropriate conversion and/or by preserving appropriate hardware and software components needed.

The following hints are intended to make it easier to choose between qualified and non-qualified services.

Non-qualified services:

If there are no further requirements in connection with the intended use of the signature(s) and related services, and the user does not intend to rely on the legal presumptions connected to the qualified services laid out below, non-qualified services may also be an appropriate choice.

Qualified services:

The term “qualified” may only be used in Hungary by service providers that have been registered as qualified service providers in accordance with the Act on Electronic Signatures number 35 of 2001. The law stipulates the following legal presumptions in connection with the services:
  1. Certification Service: If a document has been signed with a qualified electronic signature, and the verification of the signature does not yield differing results, it must be presumed that the document has not changed since its signing. In addition to the qualified certificate, a secure signature-creation device certified for this purpose must be used by the signer.
  2. Time-stamping: If the time-stamp has been placed by a qualified time-stamping service provider, and the verification of the time-stamp does not yield differing results, it must be presumed that the data contained in the document has not changed since the time of the time-stamping, unless proven otherwise.
  3. Placement of signature-creation data on a signature-creation device: If the signature-creation data has been placed on the device by a qualified service provider, it must be presumed that the signature-creation data is under the sole control of the signatory, unless proven otherwise.
  4. Electronic archival service: If the preservation of the electronically signed document is carried out by a qualified electronic archival service provider, it must be presumed that the electronic signature or time-stamp placed on the document, and any certificates connected to them, were valid at the time of signing or time-stamping, unless proven otherwise.

Certified electronic signature products:

Electronic signature products: Any hardware, software or component connected to the use of electronic signatures which may be used to offer services related to electronic signatures, or for the creation and verification of electronic signatures and time-stamps. For the production of certificates and time-stamps, as well as for the creation of qualified electronic signatures it is only allowed to use signature-creation devices and other products which have been certified for this purpose by a designated certification body registered by our Authority. Alternatively, certification of conformity by a body designated for this purpose in any Member State of the European Union is also acceptable. If an electronic signature product has been certified by a certification body, it must be presumed that the product is secure and fulfils the requirements specified in the certificate, unless proven otherwise. Our Authority registers only the products that have been certified in Hungary.

Designated certification bodies:

Certification body: A person or organisation established in Hungary or another Member State of the European Union and designated to perform certifications of conformance of electronic signature products based on appointment or accreditation. Our Authority keeps and makes available the register of designated bodies appointed or accredited to perform certifications of signature-creation devices and other electronic signature products usable for the creation of qualified and advanced electronic signatures in Hungary.

Responsibility taken for the certificates issued by foreign Certification Service Providers:

Certificates issued by Certification Service Providers established outside of the European Union have the legal effect specified in the Act on Electronic Signatures number 35 of 2001 if a Certification Service Provider established in Hungary takes responsibility for these certificates as required by the Act. The Certification Service Providers in Hungary must notify our Authority immediately about such agreements. Our Authority publishes a register containing the details and limits of such agreements as well as the affected Certification Service Providers.


Reports confirming the fulfilment of specific requirements related to electronic signature services may only be submitted by persons who have been issued a license by our Authority and appear in the register of electronic signature service experts. The register and any changes made therein are periodically published by our Authority in the Official Journal of Announcements of the Republic of Hungary, the register itself is also available on the Internet.


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